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Our Approach

A DIY Source for High Performance Custom Drone kits and projects


What’s Included?

Thoth Hobbies provides all of the necessary components and instructional video to build a drone kit, a high-performance quadcopter kit. Our builds are 100% carbon fiber frames with industry standard electronics and high-quality components that allows your build to stand up to the roughest landings while you learn to fly. We provide written material and support all of our products and accessories we sell. Build a drone kit is an excellent hobby and learning experience to share with family and friends.

Our Approach

Our approach is a bit different than the others. Rather than just supplying the needed components to start a quadcopter kit build, we provide written and video instruction to complete them. Our quadcopter kits have been designed by an electronics engineer that has spent 15 years in the racing and drone industry. Many of his designs are being used in today’s racing competitions. From the initial FPV goggle circuits and FPV Drone Transponders to flight controllers and lap counters, these builds have been specially chosen to allow just the right amount of challenge to build. They contain name brand, industry-standard components that are easily researched online in RC racing forums.

Our Story

My first builds were certainly a challenge. The difficulty was in researching the correct information to find out how the drones worked and how to assemble them and their components. Once I found this out, the next challenge was to research which components worked best in which environment. I knew there were others like me that wanted to learn how to build a drone kit and fly them, but how to navigate the conflicting information and bias about certain components? I knew others could benefit from my challenges and rewards.

Have questions?

If you have any question about How to build a drone kit/quadcopter kit? Please contact us or email us at [email protected]


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