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Building A Drone Racer

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Building a racing drone kit requires information from several sources. From radio controlled system setup and FVP systems, to the assembly of carbon fiber frames we have made racing drone kit build easier for you. Once your radio controlled drone racer and FPV system is operational, Make sure to set up fail safe and flight modes, get a good Lipo battery and try to interact with real time drone forums. It is also a good idea to look into flight simulation software before your FPV racer goes on its maiden flight.

 First Time Racing Drone Kit Builders click here For Videos!

DJI Naza flight controller and setup:

Video Sources For DJI Naza Set up and installation.

Transmitter and receiver binding and setup:

Flysky Receivers set up

When you are ready to start configuring your aircraft, please visit Clean Flight from a Google Chrome Browser:

Clean Flight Configuration

Set up and general information over the CC3D Flight Controller:

CC3D Flight Controller Introduction

Naze 32 Flight Controller information and familiarity:

Naze 32 Flight Controller Introduction

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