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Electronic Speed Controllers

Electronic Speed Controllers


High performance microprocessors, best compatibility with all kinds of motors, highest driving efficiency.
Optimized for multi-rotor aircraft.
Smooth, linear, quick and precise throttle response.
Multiple protection features: Low-voltage cut-off protection / Over-heat protection / Throttle signal loss protection.
The firmware of the ESC can be updated through the built-in USB adapter in the Professional LCD Program Box, for the Hobbywing, Through The Bl_Heli suite for the LIttle Bees. User programmable.
Multiple program methods supported: transmitter stick, Digital LED Program Card, Multifunction LCD Program Box, Professional LCD Program Box, PC software. Very easy to program the ESC at home or at the flying field.


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Item name: FVT LittleBee Spring 30A ESC

Input Voltage: 2-6S Lipo
BEC Output: No
Continue Current: 30A, Burst Current: 35A up to 10S
Size: 35*17mm
Weight: 9g(include Power and signal wire)
Support Damped mode, Oneshot125, Oneshot42 and Multshot
Main IC: SILABS EFM8BB21F16, MCU run 48MHz
MOS: Both low and high side fets are Nfets
Switching speed is very fast, it has dedicated driver chip
BLHeli_S Bootloader & Firmware
  • BLHeli_S Firmware—–Support Blheli_S firmware,can use the signal wire to upgrade the firmware or change the configuration on line;Input Voltage: 2-6S Lipo,no BEC output;Size-35*17mm
  • Support DSHOT 600/Oneshot125—–D_shot DSHOT 600 300and Oneshot125, Oneshot42, Multshot and DSHOT 600 300.When the esc is on power and it will automatically identify mode.Esc can straightly run DShot without do any update.
  • 48MHz High Speed—–Switching speed is very fast, it has dedicated driver chip, MOS-Both low and high side fets are Nfets, Main IC-SILABS EFM8BB21F16 ,MCU run 48MHz
  • Easy Upgrades—–You can flash the lastest firmware using the 3pin connector and suitable USB adapter and now can be used via the cleanflight GUI
  • Support KISS And CC3D FC: the 30A BLHeli_S ESC have suitable size, which can work with KISS and CC3D FC, give you plenty of headroom on a standard 250 220 size quad!

HOBBYWING Platinum-30A-Pro 2-6S Electric Speed Controller (ESC) OPTO

– Specially for Multi-rotor Aircraft.

Output: Continuous 30A, burst 45A up to 10 seconds.
Input Voltage: 2-6 cells lithium battery or 5-18 cells NiMH battery.
Throttle signal frequency range (Refresh rate): 50Hz-432Hz;
Maximum speed: 2-pole motor 210000 rev / min, 6-pole motors 70000 rev / min, 12 pole motors 35000 rev / min
Parameter programming function: Yes
Parameter Programming mode: use the throttle stick for setting; digital display program card , 3-in-1 professional LCD program box;computer programs
Size: 55mm (L) * 25mm (W) * 12mm (H).
Weight: 31g (With heat sink)

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Hobby Wire Platinum 30A Opto Pro, LIttleBee BL Heli S 30A Digital Shot


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