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250mm Tarot FPV Ready Racer

250mm Tarot FPV Ready Racer


  • Complete High Performance Kits. Everything but the battery
  • FPV Ready Ultra High Definition 1000TVL Camera and 5.8 Ghz. Transmitter
  • Includes Flysky Transmitter and Receiver
  • High Performance 30a Speed Controllers
  • Pre-soldered and Pre-Flashed Side Pin Mounted Flight Controllers
  • Ultra Bright LED Navigational Lighting

Product Description:
The TAROT Mini 250 Carbon Fiber Frame is a much better product to other similar products in the market today. This build allows camera, image overlay system, battery power, power transfer, a 5.8G wireless image transmission, antenna, GPS and other electronic equipment  to be all line or soldered to the PCB integration rack which in turn, produces a significant reduction in wiring and makes installation quick and easy.

TAROT Mini 250 has an overall thickness of 2.1MM pure carbon fiber and a support structure designed to be simple to use. Also includes the glass fiber 450 tripod which provides extremely ruggedness.  Fly line interference is reduced because of the extremely lightweight frame structure and printed circuit board as part of the kit that produces a much cleaner build.


Components with color options will be sent at random. If you would like to customize components instead, please visit our online configuration tool.

All custom drone kits include the necessary hardware, wiring and instruction to complete their assembly. We even include the transmitter and receiver units. Because of the nature of rechargeable Lipo batteries and soldering irons, we do not include them in our kits.. Please feel free to contact us for online supplier suggestions.

Kit Includes:

Flysky FS I6 6 channel AFHDS protocol Transmitter and receiver.

FlySki fsi6 transmitter and receiver

Little Bee 30a BLHeli S Electronic Speed Controllers

30a BL Heli esc30a BL Heli esc



4 2205 2800Kv Racer Star racing motors. Color will be chosen at random:

2205 2800kv drone motor 2205 2800kv drone motor 2205 2800kv drone motor 2205 2800kv drone motor 2205 2800kv drone motor

Naze 32 Flight Controller

Naze 32 6 dof pre soldered


XT 60 pre Soldered connection Power distribution board with additional 5v and 12v output. Pre Installed on Tarot 250mm Frame

Matec XT60 PDB with 5v/12v Bec Wiring 

2 sets of 5045 propellers (8 piece total 4 CW and 4 CCW)

Anti Vibration Bobbin Dampers hardware for flight controller and Power distribution board.

anti vbiration screws

Universal Motor Mount protective covers

DIY black 2205 motor protective cover

Heat Shrinking kit for wire maintenance.

3M Heavy Duty Acrylic double sided tape.

3m double sided tape for drone speed controllers

5 pieces Drone Navigational  and Tail LED Kit.


LED Drone Navigation Lights Drone Navigation LED Tail Light

FPV Ready Ultra High Definition Video Package.



Product parameters:
Wheelbase: 250MM
Empty rack height/assembly height: 43MM/85.8MM
Empty frame length/assembly Length: 195MM/288MM
Empty frame width/assembly width: 219MM/315MM
Bottom headroom: 21.8MM
Empty weight/takeoff weight: 115G/430G (including 2200MHA battery)
Product Specifications:
2.0 pure carbon plate ×1 (159×33×2.0MM) 11.7G
2.0 Front pure carbon plate ×1 (219×49×2.0MM) 16.5G
2.0 After the pure carbon plate ×1 (219×58×2.0MM) 16.9G
1.0 before the legislature of pure carbon plate ×1 (159×33×2.0MM) 1.3G
PCB circuit board ×1 (181×106×19.5MM) 28G
Plastic Tripod ×1 (175×108×43MM) 25G
Before metal supports ×1 (73×10×8MM) 5G
Within M2×4MM round head Allen screws 0.2G×7
The metal support frame ×2 (48.5×4×8MM) 1.7G
M2×12MM hex head screw cup 0.3G×6
Flight Control sided adhesive ×1 (35×35×1.5MM) 0.5G

Additional information

Choose your Flight Controller

CC3D, DJI Naza M Lite, Naze32 6DOF

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